Helping you to work together and share


Networks are great. If they’re well managed they allow you to share resources like data, printers, and your internet connection. They keep all your data in one place so it’s easy to back up, and, if you have the right software, allow you to view colleague’s calendars, contacts, and even their email if that’s what you want.

They allow groups of people to work on documents together, and can help to ensure that everyone in your organisation has the same information to hand, which can be vital when dealing with customers.

But... if they’re poorly managed (or not managed at all) they can become a quagmire of files with no version control, out of date information, and irrelevant data. Worse than this, the money invested in the infrastructure is often wasted because it’s easier for everyone to save the data on their PCs instead of the server. 

This is an almost certain recipe for lost data... As you would expect, the only time data gets lost is when a crucial deadline is approaching, and the only data that ever gets lost is the most important stuff.

We manage networks for many of our customers, starting with our server monitoring service. The product we use for this is truly outstanding. It costs pence per day, but delivers almost instant benefits. It’s so good that we use it to monitor our own servers (and we pay for it the same as all our customers). 

It checks the status of your server, switch, router, and anything else you would like it to monitor, and sends us an alert by email and text if it detects a problem. We often call our customers to let them know we’re working on a problem before they’ve realised they have one. It can also check that your backups were successful and that your antivirus software is up to date (but you probably already get a daily report confirming that don’t you?).