Look out for the SITM smart cars out and about near you!


In our view, this is what our business is about; people. Your people to be precise. We understand that when one of your team calls the helpdesk, they’ve done so because that’s the most important thing to them at that particular moment in time. If it wasn’t, they wouldn’t be calling us.

As such, we treat it as the most important thing we have to deal with too.

So how do we go about supporting your people?

We use a combination of methods as follows :-

  • Depending on the nature of the problem, we can often talk you through sorting it out yourself. This is great, because every time we do that it gives you a little more confidence, and you may well be able to do it yourself next time. Which is a good thing.
  • If it’s not appropriate to talk you through it, we can usually take control of your PC/Laptop remotely and look at the problem first hand. This is particularly useful if we need to do some diagnosis. We’re more than happy to keep you on the phone & explain what we’re doing if that’s what you want, but equally, if you want to go and do something more interesting that’s fine too.
  • Sometimes we can’t do anything other than pay you a visit. If that’s the case we’ll jump into one of our Smart Cars & drop in at a convenient time. We like it when we get out of the office, so we might decide to visit you anyway.

However we go about doing it, our focus is making sure your people experience minimum disruption. You can expect us to always treat your people in a friendly and respectful manner.

We always try to explain what we’re doing, (if you’re interested!) avoiding jargon. We try to dispel some of the air of mystery about what “IT guys” do. It’s often not difficult once you know where to look, so helping your people to help themselves is something we try to do whenever we can.

Think of it as a bit of ad-hoc training...