Our entire business is based around supporting your people.


Support is at the core of everything we do. Our entire business is based around supporting your people.

We can repair hardware ourselves, and have also established partnerships with other organisations that can repair printers, laptops, and most other peripherals.

We can also help you with most of the applications you’re likely to be running, whether that’s accounts, Customer Relationship Management, office software, or something more bespoke.

We may need to speak to the company that supplied the software in the first place, but we’ll do that on your behalf, so that when the person at the other end starts talking technical, we can translate, and sort the problem out.

We will take ownership of the problem and see it through to resolution.

We also have access to various technical databases, and our own helpdesk knowledgebase, so we don’t have to work every problem out from scratch each time we come across it. 

Speaking of the Helpdesk, we’ve had our software in place for a long time now, so when you call us with a problem, it will be logged, and allocated to the person best placed to help.

Better still, they’ll know what’s already been done in terms of diagnosis, so they won’t ask you the same questions as the first person you spoke to (that’s right, we have people you can talk to, not automatic queue handling robotic interactive voice recognition systems...)

Then, when we’ve fixed the problem, you’ll get a call sheet with a summary of what was done to resolve the issue, and a breakdown of the time taken to do it.